Product Development

We understand the practical, ergonomic and safety issues of any design concept and are acutely aware of the ongoing maintenance implications and whole-life costs of any design concept.

Having identified niches in our field for particular products, we have developed them to bring cost benefits to our customers and technical associates who wish to purchase them.

Our extensive product design experience enables us to develop cost-effective solutions to the most complex of challenges by drawing on our understanding of the properties of materials, and knowledge of manufacturing techniques - particularly tooling for low volume.

Realistic flame effects for, candles, Hurricane Lamps, Flambeaux, fire etc
From 12 VDC to 220VAC
Can run dimmers etc


Sound storage on CD players or Digital Sound Stores
Volume Controlled Amplifiers, for remotely attenuating audio by a
0~10V control signal


POD - Programmable Output Device, Modular eurocard system for control of lighting, sounds, motors, pumps, pnuematics, smoke and loads of other great stuff
TSC - Technovations Sequence Controller, a very simple programmable 8 channel lighting control card