When Technovations was asked to provide an audio and lighting solution for a new chain of bars we had to be sure it wasn’t just that . . another chain of bars.

We met Dipak, Managing Director of Big and Blue Limited an exciting new leisure company. (Big and Blue is expected to become a £200 million business during the next 10 years) Dipak’s enthusiasm and sheer determination, that he should create a premium quality environment was enough to convince us to be involved.


“Conviviality, good company, animated conversation and sheer hedonisism of simple food, freshly prepared and cooked, washed down with a good, carefully chosen wine - what could be better ?

At we believe that sharing food and drink is one of life’s most joyous experiences”

It wasn’t all plain sailing, the project was well under way by the time we ‘came to the table’. Several lighting and sound companies had already been involved. Fit-out contractors were already on-site, screaming for ever precious information and delays already a topic of conversation - just the position Technovations relishes in.

Working closely with Dipak and his designers, Heterarchy, solutions were formulated and after a serious ‘budget realisation’ meeting work began to achieve Dipak’s Vision.

The result is , Birmingham’s first premium bar with a menu reflecting the future of food and drink and an equally fitting atmosphere to enjoy it in.

It was obvious that the lighting was a critical element of the overall scheme. Fittings were selected from quality suppliers throughout Europe. When a solution wasn’t obvious, Technovations used its extensive experience to manufactured or adapt existing luminaires to suit particular applications.

Specialised Fibre Optics were used in a unique technique for lighting the raised floor plinths. This will allow colour changing and the intensity of light to be governed by the intelligent programmable lighting control system.

Systems are already in place to expand the lighting theme, to include dynamically changing lighting conditions.

Audio is catered for by a variety of systems.

BOSE’s high profile synergy with value branding as well as impeccable audio quality was an essential factor in it’s selection.

BOSE worked closely with Technovations, investigating alternative solutions until we found a resolution which met everybody’s objectives and guaranteed the exceptional quality of sound demanded.

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